Chicken 101: The Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte

27 Jun

Chicken 101: The Blue-Laced Red Wyandotte

Here’s our blue-laced red. It’s a pretty bird but today as I took photos for the post I think I’m becoming even more convinced it’s a rooster and that’s not good news for this bird (I don’t have a problem with roosters themselves but they rip all the feathers out of our poor hens). You can see it’s really just starting to develop nice lacing and is really a very pretty bird!

Okay you can blame my friend Michelle at for the chicken education that is about to begin.

Today’s lesson-

The Wyandotte is a american breed with uncertain origins. They are a medium weight, dual purpose breed for the production of meat and eggs. Wyandottes are generally gentle and calm birds. They are a medium slow growing breed, taking up to 18 months to fully mature. This is one of the best breeds for cold winter climates as their low profile rose combs are not prone to freezing and their heavy feathering and solid body keep them comfortable even in harsh winter conditions.

Wyandotte hens can weigh from 6.5 to 9 pounds. They are very good layers of medium to large light brown eggs. They are a great choice for a winter layer since they are not put off by the cold like many other breeds are. Wyandotte hens are excellent setters and make good mothers.
Roosters can weigh from 8.5 to 11 pounds. They are easy going birds and not typically aggressive with people. Extra cockerels can be ready for the table anywhere from 5-7 months.

The blue laced red variety of wyandotte is as of yet not accpeted with the APA. There is still too much inconsistency in color and far too much lack in type in most individuals of the variety. There are some breeders who are close, but more serious breeders are needed if the breed is to become accepted. To see the proposed standard for the blue laced red wyandotte as well as see many pictures of beautiful birds, go to

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