27 Jun


So here’s how I feel lately- tired, hungry, craving sugar, my belly fat is at an all time high and I hate this. Step-dad was diagnosed yesterday as a diabetic and it made me think. Why am I killing myself? So as much as it sucks today I begin. I’m not following a “plan” per se but I’m an intelligent person and know when I’m putting crap in my body and when I’m not. So here we go. 21 days. No beer (I know 4th of July with no beer? WTF was I thinking), no sugar, no refined products, no soda. LOTS of water, veggies, and protein. Time to get my energy back!


3 Responses to “Detox”

  1. Michelle @ Life on the Horizon June 27, 2013 at 1:50 pm #

    Hey my love! Trust me when I say, I feel your pain. After the last 5 years of multiple surgeries, and tests, and feeling like sh!t, I took my life back. I haven’t had a coke since 2009 and drink very little or no sprite. Gave up sweet tea at lent. Drink decaf coffee. I eat sugar in moderation, but since I cut out most gluten products (I have a gluten intolerance), my cravings for sugary products decreased. We eat mostly fresh fruit, veggies, and meat.

    This weekend I’m going to work on getting recipes up on the blog, so be sure and check it out.

    You can do this, I know you can. And you have my contact info should you need anything! I love you to the moon!

    • nmcanchaser June 27, 2013 at 2:45 pm #

      I’ve never been a coffee drinker and I had quit drinking diet coke (I hate the sugary coating of regular sodas) for two years and then let the stress of the frustrating situation at work draw me back in to a habit of many per day and no water 😦 Can’t wait to see your recipes! 🙂


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