What’s for breakfast!

27 Jun

What's for breakfast!

We have chickens. A lot of chickens. And a rooster. Ok, three roosters. And possibly some other fowl who might be roosters but haven’t started crowing yet. I’m afraid my favorite young blue-laced red wyandotte might be a rooster as she’s getting older. Or maybe she just has really good posture and is really nosey. I’m hoping for that. Anyway. One of our roosters has a crow that sounds just like he’s saying “What’s for breakfast?” I’m not typically a very dedicated breakfast eater so I think it’s nice that he now reminds me at 5am every day to start thinking of these things.

Since I’m not following a “diet plan” I haven’t rushed out and bought any groceries for anything specific and I like to use up things I have and not let them go to waste. This morning I whipped up an omelet! I always have eggs since we have the *large chicken population. We eat the ugly ones ourselves and sell the pretty ones. Ok, I don’t think they are ugly they are quirky. The ones that are small and make the dozen look uneven, the ones from the hen that lays strange looking long skinny eggs, and the ones that have little calcium deposit polka dots on the end. They are still delicious none the less and there’s no waste around here!

I also rummaged around and found a baggie with a single slice of bacon (weird I know, someone else definitely cooked it because I would just eat the last slice rather than put it in a gallon size bag and put it in the fridge) some yellow cherry tomatoes, and some red and orange sweet peppers, and some shredded mozzarella!

I used to loathe trying to make omelets. Thank goodness for online tutorials. A good bit of whipping up the eggs, a splash of water and sea salt and a good pan with a bit of EVOO and I can make an omelet like a champ now!

Was it delicious? Yes. Was I totally dying for a piece of toast or some fried potatoes alongside? Yes. Did the moment pass? Sure did.

I was going to have some sliced cucumbers with this breakfast too but my cucumbers were slimy. Eww. So the chickens get some slimy cucumbers. Was kicking myself for not remembering I have some delicious basil ready I could have thrown in here! Tomorrow I will make a yummy herby omelet! Wheels are turning with ideas now!


3 Responses to “What’s for breakfast!”

  1. Michelle @ Life on the Horizon June 27, 2013 at 4:21 pm #

    You are going to have to give me a chicken tutorial: What the heck is “wyandotte”? I don’t make omelets either, they just turn into scrambled eggs! Way to go my friend!

  2. askmehowithappened June 29, 2013 at 3:02 am #



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