My favorite books and authors of all time!

1 Jul

A friend of mine recently asked if I had any suggestions for good summer reading. I starting making her a list and thought I might as well share them with all of you too! Comment if you have any good suggestions for summer reads too! I’m also not trying to advertise for Amazon here but I wanted to link up to better descriptions and reviews of the books for you!

All time favorite book- The Crossing by Cormac McCarthy

The Crossing is part of a trilogy that begins with All the Pretty Horses (you might have watched the movie). It’s a book that is romantic, sad, deep and powerful. Every time I read it I can’t believe the emotional response I have to the book. I’m also in love with John Grady (who is introduced in the first book- All the Pretty Horses so read that one too) and I guess that’s why I despise the third book lol. Some of McCarthy’s other books are a bit disturbing to me but this one hits the mark. (Tip: You can find the translations to the spanish conversations that occur throughout the series online, if you’re not fluent it will help a lot!)

A Thousand Acres- Jane Smiley

Another deep book. Growing up on a ranch with a complex family situation that arose from death and greed and caused a lot of hard feelings I guess this book just resonates with me. It’s a good one ya’ll. Deep. I also like some of her other books too- Moo is hilarious and Horse Heaven is a good one too. Some of the others are too depressing for me.

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened- Jenny Lawson

OMG this is the funniest book ever. She’s also the funniest blogger ever. Having been hooked since “That’s Why I’m Not Allowed to be Here Unsupervised” on her blog I knew I had to read this book. My hubby and I listened to the audiobook on a cross country road trip and we seriously had to pull over several times because he could not see to drive because he was laughing so hard. She is hilarious and she’s real folks. Awesomeness.

Tony Hillerman

If you like murder mystery type books set in the southwest then Tony Hillerman is a classic. Great plots, characters you feel like you know, all around great books. Quick reads and you can bet your local library probably has some. He’s a classic!

Micheal McGarrity

Another southwest murder mystery author with awesome characters. I think McGarrity is a little more suspenseful than Hillerman and his novels are set a little closer to my hometown. All good plots.

Steven Havill

One of my favorite authors and a local to my home county! I can’t help but see the parallels between people and places I know in these southwest murder mysteries!

Thunderhead- Douglass Preston and Lincoln Child

This book had me on the edge of my seat. Actually all of their books that I’ve read so far have but this one has been my favorite so far. Wow. I had really vivid nightmares about corpse powder for a long time after reading this book. It’s a good one though!

I’m sure I’ll think of more but here’s to getting you started!


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