Arugula, Corn and Bacon Salad

24 Jul

Arugula, Corn and Bacon Salad

At the beginning of summer I planted my garden all seed. In a few weeks of devastating heat and no rain (we were watering but to no avail) almost nothing came up. When it finally starting cooling off in late June I chunked some squash plants in the ground and called it good! Then the rain started and guess what? All those seeds have sprouted and ran! I have all kinds of tasty goodies coming up amongst the squash and one of them happens to be the Arugula! I pulled some corn on the cob from last season out of the freezer, thawed and threw on the grill in the husk and cooked up some bacon! Chop the bacon and the arugula and slice the corn off the cob and throw them in a bowl. A splash of white vinegar and a splash of olive oil, a bit of pepper and a dash of cumin. Stir it all up (my arugula is a bit beaten- my four year old stirred a little more vigorously than I would have). I added some salt too but in hindsight would not- the bacon was plenty salty! This was hearty and delicious! I served it with steaks but honestly it would have been a perfect meal solo! The hubby even enjoyed it (and he doesn’t like anything green).

This was my first experience with arugula- we got our seeds from Seed Savers Exchange ( and it is a beautiful dark shade of green with some purple striation in the stem. It has a mild earthy flavor that is delicious!

Recipe adapted from Elise Bauer at Simply Recipes.


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