Where do you unwind? A bathtub post.

26 Mar

I didn’t actually write this post from the bathtub. I was terrified I might drop the laptop in. Besides that would negate the relaxing part to bring the technology with me, although I have been guilting of Pinteresting from my iPhone in tub!

Do you have a place in your home that’s a wonderful retreat? Mine is my master bathtub although I rarely use it. It takes so much water to fill it that we have to crank the water heater up which requires pre-planning and in the southwest where water is such a premium I can’t do it often because then I feel guilty and that’s not relaxing but oh geez when I do…. it’s wonderful….

So my escape- hot bath in the jetted tub, epsom salt, cold bottle of Perrier, candles, an issue of Edible (thank you Tara!), and the hubby dealing with the children for the evening! Ahhhhhhhhhh


I needed that after all the pallets hubby has made me move around for the chicken coop construction project (more on that soon I promise) because I was super sore after our productive weekend and I kept thinking it would go away but it’s Tuesday and my arms are still killing me.

*Disclaimer- Sorry guys if this is totally a chick post but now you know if you want to be really sweet sometime. Offer to handle the child duties for an evening and feed them marshmallows and peanut butter *Disclaimer within my Disclaimer- (I don’t know if that really works or not I just made that up but it sounds genius to me, I better try it out- sticky and fluffy= less talking? before I give people advice like that.. hold off on feeding the children things like that… or don’t blame me at least… I should stop talking now…) or at least figure something out the whole time so you can keep them quiet and she can enjoy herself!


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