You Can Tell It’s Spring By All the Drowned Mice?

28 Mar

A sign of spring? The ongoing drought? The eventual demise of the three blind mice? A new evening chore I’ve gotten to “enjoy” lately has been fishing drowned mice out of the goat water buckets every evening…. ewwww…..


Some aspects of spring are more pleasant. Like this lil’ guy. He’s like all over Easter bunny adorableness….


Then there are these girls who are just about to pop… Due date in about ten days… MANY more posts to come!


Plus there’s the sweet little Angora sisters. Oh how I love them. Dolly and Sky are just about as cute as you can get. Hubby is always telling me that all baby animals are cute and eventually not cute anymore…. but these… are Oh my goodness adorable! The softness…. and Dolly (the curly one) is a cuddly one. Yep, she cuddles folks. You know you want one.



One Response to “You Can Tell It’s Spring By All the Drowned Mice?”

  1. The Unruly Farmette March 31, 2014 at 8:24 am #

    Yes . want . one. .. Or more than one!

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