Coop Expansion! A Pallet Re-Purposing Project.

1 Apr

So my daughter and I *might* have a bit of a bit of a poultry addiction or obsession or some little thing like that. Chickens are possibly like potato chips or chocolates… it’s difficult to stop after just a few. Once you buy an incubator and open your world up to the possibilities of rare and exotic poultry beyond the hatchery offerings…. yeah…. it’s easy to go nuts. We quickly outgrew our cute little original coop and the coyotes around here quickly found the tasty morsels that were free ranging and we decided it was time for an upgrade. Problem was all our funds get eaten up, literally, by all the critters around here. So we started thinking of how to expand the most economical way possible, thus we bring you- pallet re-purposing.


As you can see work is still in progress but we’re bringing together all of my best Pinterest ideas here and building a coop that can hold all of our chickens and then some! We’re planning the coop to have the ability to be sectioned off by 1/3 to introduce new birds slowly. The nesting boxes will be made with buckets and tubs so they can easily be removed and cleaned and there will be plenty of roosting room to discourage nest box roosting. We’re also planning a chick brooding area above the nest boxes to move chicks out of our garage to eliminate the dust they create! The whole shebang will also have a nice big yard area for outdoor space that’s predator safe!


This weekend hubby started on the rafters so it’s getting pretty exciting! I can’t wait to see the finished product and see what the chickens will think of all this space!


One Response to “Coop Expansion! A Pallet Re-Purposing Project.”

  1. The Unruly Farmette April 1, 2014 at 3:14 am #

    Omg so jealous! Ronan and Travis have some talking to do (my coop! )

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