The Pain that Resonates

2 Apr

So a few posts back I talked about my being “freed” from my job. It’s been an interesting situation because technically I still have to ride out my current contract until mid-May. So working everyday after some pretty terrible treatment and what amounts to some workplace bullying essentially is more than a little trying each day.

The bright spot is the excitement of the doors that are opening for me every day and it’s really been something that I’ve taken in stride.

Aside from my situation our administration has made it very clear that a reduction in force was looming for our district. Tonight was the official board meeting announcement and last night I tossed and turned and listened to the wind and worried for friends and colleagues. While getting fired was something that’s never happened to me before and in some ways I’m very fragile emotionally I am strong enough to weather this storm. I worried all night if my unluckiest friends would be. Two teachers bore the brunt of this storm although the official document states there were to be three victims. There were other “little” slashes to be duties that will be hurtful too and the potential for more pain. My heart aches because in a tiny school in a tiny community we’re all in this together- friends, neighbors, relatives and we all feel each others pain as if it were our own. Teachers lives forever altered by decisions and fiscal management (or mismanagement) beyond their scope of duty yet they and their families and our children will suffer the consequence.


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