She’s A Big Star- Small Town Saturday Night

14 Apr

One of the best things about growing up and living in a small town, in my opinion, is the way that people root for their own. Of course there is always the small town pettiness that everyone complains about but when it really comes down to it I’d like to think that we’re a team.

Last year one of my friends from high school Tawnya Reynolds made it big time. She got a spot on the television show called “The Voice”. Now, something that I never do is watch t.v. actually… in fact anytime that someone says a sentence that begins with the phrase “Have you seen…” and they are referring to a show, movie or commercial it’s generally a safe bet that I have not. However, when it came to our hometown girl making it big on Team Shakira you bet your blue jeans the whole family and pretty much everyone in our county tuned in.


Photo from NBC.

Unfortunately those Hollywood people didn’t pick our superstar to win it all on the show, but at least for quite a few episodes the the world got a glimpse of the amazing talent she has.

Lucky for us she still comes home from Nashville occasionally and entertains her hometown fans with her awesome talent. You couldn’t ask for a better performer. Beautiful, talented and a heart of gold.

We visited her this year at the “No Scum Allowed Saloon” in White Oaks, NM. White Oaks was once the booming-est town around these parts and then the gold rush ended. Now there is the saloon and a few residents and some art galleries around. I had to argue with my 5-year old about taking his sword into the bar. Yeah, I was that mom last night, I took my baby to a bar. Don’t worry no one has been shot there in years and sometime within the last decade or so they finally got running water, so things are good now.


Tawnya and her friend Don Pedigo playing it up!


My step-dad and my cousin enjoying the music. I’m telling ya, just about everyone came out for this! The “wooden indians” as their wives nicknamed them.


My mom and her cousin enjoying some good laughs.


My daughter and I’s “selfie”, she’s looking much too grown up these days!


Another shot of Tawnya. Awwww…. love to hear her voice!


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